Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bells and Whistles

(Via Elle)

Is it completely ridiculous to buy two Whistles skirts in the same week that are almost identical?

I now have my sights on this one. Longer and mink not pink.

In the shop they had it styled with a very feminine denim shirt and leopard print skinny belt. Swoon! It looks amazing. I've got it held and am just waiting till I can leave work to try it on. Eeek! So exciting.

I was thinking that I could try and rock it with a loafer. Or does a short girl + midi absolutely have to have a heel with no exceptions? In which case a platform would look fabulous.

Like this

(Via Kurt Geiger)

I got in late this morning but I want to shop, do you think anyone would notice if I left now?

I'm perservering with this retail therapy lark. I will not be beaten! And I will have a great wardrobe!

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