Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I've Got You, Under My Clothes

(Via Jigsaw)

I am strangely drawn to this. I saw it styled in their window with a pencil skirt and a dreamily soft looking cardigan and I quite liked it. It feels a little Mad Men-esque. But I think it is too underweary. I mean, can you actually imagine wearing it at work? I think people would assume you had been a dirty stop out and had forgotten to pack a clean top. It just makes you think of sex, doesn't it? Not that it is necessarily overly sexy, but it looks like underwear, like those intimate items that only a chosen few get to see. And when you are reasonably bosomy anyway I don't think men need that much encouragement to think about undergarments. And I would like to be in some control over who gets to see me in my smalls. So I think that is probably a no, then, don't you?

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