Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Peep Show

Elle online has a feature about the best peep toe boots around. And boy do I want a pair. I think moving into spring (and hopefully some drier weather) is really the only sensible time for a peep toe boot.

The Alexander Wangs are so utterly awesome, you couldn't fail to look super duper hardcore in them. But at over £600 they are just a smidge over my budget. You know, just ever so slightly.

(Via Elle)

But this Cacharel pair? At half the price they're practically giving them away.

It does force the question, though, how many orange shoes does one girl need? I already bought the suede wedges which I love, but they don't even get started about how utterly fabulous and desirable these are. Don't you think they are heaven? And that two pairs of orange shoes is totally reasonable? Oh! You do?! I always knew I liked you...!

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