Friday, 11 February 2011

If the Shoe Fits

You might well have gathered that I am an impulsive type. I get something in my head and I have to have it.

And that thing right now is the wedge. I must have a pair. Immediately. If not sooner. They will go so well with my flared jeans and my maxi skirts that I've just purchased. (I think I might be hitting up a 70s vibe after all.) I will not rest until I have some.

Well, the lovely people at Kurt Geiger have been tempting me with the shoes above. Aren't they an utter delight?

But can I find them? Can I heck.

It is really quite frustrating when you can see the thing that will fulfil your every fantasy, but you can't get your grubby mitts on it.

So what to do? Wait patiently until the wedge of dreams is out there to be purchased?

Or buy stand in wedges? I can have them now wedges? I'm not playing games with you wedges?

God knows, I love a plain talking wedge.

(Via Kurt Geiger)

And any one of these pairs would make me happy while I wait for the little tease wedges. But are two pairs in one season just an unneccessary decadence? But then isn't that what fashion is all about anyway? Lusting after pretty, pretty things that you don't strictly need for your well-being or survival?

Yup, I'm convinced by my unshakable logic. Two pairs it is.

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