Monday, 28 February 2011

You Do Know How to Whistle(s), Don't You?

(Via Whistles)

I hate it when lots of magazine's promote an item. Particularly when their wiley magic has its way with you and you want the item. Want it bad. Because it inevitably means that you can't find it.

Well I won!

I chased this skirt around town over the weekend (admittedly it was the midi length that was in most of the magazines, but I think it must have inspired interest in the shorter version too) and couldn't find it in my size. But at lunch I closed in on the sucker.

And what's more? It looks awesome.

Not like the Reiss skirt that I was lusting after for weeks:

(Via Reiss)

Which is so voluminous and long that it made me look about 4' tall and 4' wide.

So, result! Victory is mine!

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