Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Do You Think I'm Sexy?

I'm seeing my young man this weekend. We are going out for a romantic evening a deux. I want to look super hot for him.

But my idea of sexy and most boys' idea of sexy I suspect is quite different. I could of course just get one of two (three? four? Do legs and boobs count as one or two?) body parts out, or wear something tight. But I kind of like the thought of something a bit more subtle.

I think effortlessness is sexy. So something down played, not overt appeals to me. But would this look just be too corporate?

(Via Karen Millen)

And as I have an extremely feminine body shape would this slightly masculine look just be wrong on me? I have a horrible feeling it would.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what I could wear to entice my man? (Who admittedly thinks I look pretty lovely in everything I wear.)

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