Sunday, 5 May 2013

Do You Want to Come and See my Puppies?

When I was a kid that was code for a man who, perhaps, was not to be trusted, who might do things that weren't very nice to little girls. Back when we were innocent enough to find the concept funny.

But I digress.

The puppies of which I speak now are an entirely more enticing thought.

They are the collaboration between Wayne Hemingway and Hushpuppies. And they are heaven.

I remember when Red or Dead was the height of cool, but I had rather forgotten the existence of Mr Hemingway.

What a nice reminder then. And also what a nice way to disprove my theory about the worthlessness of high street/designer or celebrity collaborations.

Because these shoes are super chic and really nicely made. I put the ones on above and I just knew that I had to have them.

The mintiliciousness of them will go with everything and I love their chunkiness too.

(Images via Hushpuppies)

I am very excited that the weather is getting warm enough, I think I might live in them this summer.

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