Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Keen as Mustard

(Image via Reiss)

Not so long ago I hated to wear anything casual. I was 22 by the time I really met a pair of jeans I liked and since then (12 years) I have probably only owned about 4 pairs.

The idea of wearing a pair of tracky bums in the privacy of my own home, let alone in the outside world (shudder), made me wince.

But the combination of moving away from London and my encroaching middle age (hello 34th birthday three weeks away) I am not totally obsessed with looking done all the time. But I don't find casual dressing that easy. But one new discovery that fits this bill is the fitted sweatshirt. Not totally casual, and still with a certain something but easy to wear and not over dressed. I recently bought a really great pair of James Jeans and they look sweet with, what I like to call, an event sweatshirt.

So I am very excited to discover the Dijon sweatshirt from Reiss. I think this fits the bill perfectly.

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