Sunday, 5 May 2013

Jacket In

I have a really beautiful DKNY Pure dress that I bought for a friend's wedding before a boy broke up with me, broke my heart and induced me to eat my body weight in chocolate cake every week until I couldn't fit into the damn thing.

Good news, for the first time in a long time I can fit into it, and my weight is steadily getting back to normal. So by the time my lovely friend Annie's wedding in July I will hopefully be about the same size as I was when I bought it.

(Images via Jigsaw, Reiss)

I am so pleased because I don't think (sartorially speaking) there is much sadder than a beautiful dress hanging in your wardrobe that has never been worn. At last, after owning it for a couple of years, I will get to wear it for the purpose for which it was bought.

And it looks nice with the hat. The only thing is that it is pale and dark blue while the hat is taupe and so I would like to bring a bit more of a neutral shade into the mix. Now, when I go to a wedding I either don't think about a covering layer and end up with a cardigan which looks a bit rubbish or I go the big scarf route which I am bored of. I like the idea of structure, you know, like you have actually planned what to wear over my dress. Plus I will have to walk back to my hotel so I know I will appreciate an extra layer.

So, a jacket it is. I am loving these two jackets. I enjoy and floral and a more graphic print, and I think the neutral shade and navy of both these would work well. But they aren't cheap so I just have to make sure that I would wear them again. Which do you think would be better for more everyday occasions? 

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