Monday, 10 December 2012


I have to be frank with you. I just don't know about lace. It seems great, and fun and lovely, but I think it might talk about me behind my back, I think it might try and make me look bad.

Because try as I might to make friends with it I fear it cheapens me.
Right now you can barely move for another picture of Kristen Stewart at a premier in a lace dress. And she (for the most part) looks good in them.

Despite that I was listening to my hard won anti-lace stance until I saw this divine By Malene Birger dress in a sweet boutique in Bath. I love it. Particularly as the lace back doesn't show flesh through it, which I think is part of my problem with lace. You know in that it looks like you are covered in spider's webs.
In fact that might be the source of my fear of lace. I had a lace trimmed dressing gown when I was younger and one day when I thought the lace cuff was scratching me I looked down to discover a spider hanging out. I wasn't best pleased, I can tell you.

So is it time to get over my phobia? I'm not afraid of spiders anymore so maybe I could give lace a chance too.

I am loving all of these other By Malene Birger lace numbers.
 Or is it best left for the likes of Kristen? Hmmm, tricky.
(Images via By Malene Birger)

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