Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Across the Universe


Generally speaking I am not a huge fan of beauty pageants, but I am a fan of wild, outrageous, unfeasibly large costumes that are the embodiment of a whole nation's identity. Obviously.

And for that reason I bring you some of the contestants in the National Costume round at this year's Miss Universe competition.

Amazing, huh?!

This has truly made my day.

Except for when it comes to the UK's offering. A union jack bedecked super hero in plastic white knee boots? Is that our identity? I get it might be referencing the Olympics and all, but I also get that the costume sucks. Plus, it makes a perfectly slim and lovely lady look as though she is smuggling a football down her onesie. Not so flattering on the midriff, poor lady. It doesn't say too much for our cultural identity either. All I'm getting is Spice Girls and glamour models. There's got to be more to the UK than that...



 British Virgin Islands



 Costa Rica


 El Salvador







 Puerto Rico

 Sri Lanka








(Images via The Daily Telegraph)

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