Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Frida Kahlo

I lived in Mexico for a few months when I was studying and have had an enormous crush on the style chops (and art, and life) of Frida Kahlo since then.

Her style was unlike anything I have ever seen. So I am super excited to hear about an exhibition of her clothes, accessories and medical items, such as corsets and a prosthetic leg that she had to wear as a result of polio and a bus crash.

The exibition also includes dresses made by Rei Kawakubo and Ricardo Tisci among others, which were inspired by her.

To me, it pretty much sounds like the most perfect exhibition.

The only downside?

It is showing at the Frida Kahlo museum.

In Mexico City.


But even getting this little glimpse of her personal items is pretty incredible for me, so I will try to keep my angst inside.

(Exhibition images via Daily Mail)

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