Monday, 12 November 2012

A Little Bit of What You Fancy

Call me a cynic, but I find that if I want something I very rarely come by it. So when I decided that I wanted to find a down jacket that covered my bum and didn't make me look the size of a house I was sure that it was a quest destined for failure.

(Images via Comptoir des Cottoniers, Ecco)

And when I subsequently decided that I wanted a pair of boots that were warm, comfortable, water proof with a nice bit of foot support (that weren't hideously ugly) I was pretty sure that the fashion gods would be sat up Mount Fabulous having a good old chuckle at my gall.

But in your face! Because I got both, on one day. Yay!

Obviously I won't be shopping again for months because a) I have spent rather too much money and b) I have a feeling that a serendipitous shopping adventure like that only comes around once in a blue moon.

But right now I'm as happy as a clam and as toasty as, erm, a ... freshly toasted piece of toast...?

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