Thursday, 27 October 2011

Snake Charmer

(Image via Whistles)

Hey fashion fans, sorry for my absence... What? You hadn't noticed? Oh. OK. As you were...

Well anyhoo, I have had a fun filled few weeks of being unceremoniously booted out of my job, the ensuing unemployment, a couple of doses of stomach flu and moving to a new city. So apologies for the lack of CONC action, but breath a sigh of relief for I have returned, full of stored up fashion based enthusiasm.

And while I don't have a job and therefore should not be spending money I am dedicated to bringing you up to the minute fashion news and so I will slave bravely on in the face of destitution and I will SHOP! You are welcome. (Plus I'm crashing at my parents' digs so I'm not actually going to be out on the streets for the sake of a frock or two.)

So on to business. The business of snakeskin. As I'm sure you have not been able to ignore snake is the print of a/w. I have been lusting after it for some time but couldn't find the right piece. And was thinking about the trend cop out strategy of going for a more subtle accessory take on the trend. But you know me, I'm no shrinking violet, I have no interest in subtlety, so BAM! All print all the time, and I have treated myself to this delicious Whistles dress. Plus, jewell colours! Or is it the wine hued trend? Who can say? But hmmm! Love. It. Particularly as it gives a nod to the Chloe trend without, you know, full on headbutting it. You dig?

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