Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Boot's on the Other Foot

 What is it that makes shopping for certain items nigh on impossible? Take my current black boot dilemma. I have bought and then returned three pairs so far this year. I'm in the shop (after a lot of searching) and each time I am sure that I have found the right pair. I take them home and oh, no, I don't like them after all. Or they work with skirts but not with trousers. Or they are too rock and roll and then when paired with my girly dresses just look ridiculous. Or are fabulous but probably too fabulous to be practical on a daily basis.
Am I asking too much of the poor things? I want them to be comfortable, warm, keep my feet dry, stylish and work with skirts and trousers. Surely that's not too much to ask.

 Particularly as on my search for the perfect black pair I came across the perfect brown pair. They're from Camper, so they're super comfortable, and they might not be winning any major fashion awards they look equally nice with dresses and jeans. But you can't wear brown with everything, try as I might. So I need a black pair. But it just seems impossible.
(Images via Kurt Geiger)

I really don't think the right pair exists. But I'll keep on the search. You mark my words.

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