Thursday, 24 October 2013

Less is More

I have long appreciated Sophie Hulme bags from afar. I have perved over them online, stalked them through many an online boutique, peeped on them in more than one fashion magazine, I confess. I'm not proud of my behaviour.

But I have never met one in person, never clapped eyes on their luscious leathery appeal, never run my hands over their beautiful minimal form, never beheld their true glory.

Until Tuesday.

I tell you, I might never be the same.

These bags are so heavenly I think I may have been changed on a fundamental level.

They are so clean and minimal and perfect, with glorious, interesting colours. The mind boggles as to why anyone would want a bag with loads of hardware or bag charms or anything that needs to be shout to be heard.

These bags are confident in their inherent quality. They know they'll seduce without having to cheapen themselves with frivolity. They are classic and elegant and oh so dreamy. Sigh!

The best part is that they are not insanely expensive. Sure, they aren't cheap, they don't compare with anything on the high street, but for a designer bag with this kind of quality, design, workmanship and materials they are an absolute bargain. I kid you not.

I am getting old. I want things that suit my age and are going to hang out with me for some time to come. Honestly, I would rather buy nothing and save to buy something beautiful that will last.

A Sophie Hulme bag is now top of that list. I think it's love.

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