Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Golden Rule

Amy Adams
Yay! It is that time of year again. When all is grey and bleak we have awards season (aka fantasy dress perving season) to cheer us along. And with the golden globes we get our first proper taste of how it will go from here.
I think we have started well, I am feeling optimistic, and in that vein I will only discuss the dresses I loved. Even though I probably could wax lyrical about J-Lo's naked dress or Jessica "droopy boobs" Chastain's Calvin Klein Collection dress that suggests that someone upset their stylist at just the wrong time... So positive, positive, positive!
Let's start - lovely Amy, great colour, great hair and I don't even mind the tulle fish tail which is really saying something.
Anne Hathaway
I love her hair, and the dress is super elegant and classy.  It's happening.
Barbara Palvin
I'm not aware of this young lady (apparently a model) but I want to get to know that dress. Intimately. Hey there!
Emily Blunt
Truly, this woman can do no sartorial wrong. And if you have evidence I don't want to see it. A difficult dress to carry off, but she rocks it. Hard.
Dame Helen of Mirren
Swit swoo missy. Slinky and lovely gold detail. It's a winner.
Jessica Alba
Peachy perfection. Not quite sure about the flufyy, feathery bag, but whatevs. Forgive and forget.
Jessica Alba
Our Jess hit on another winner at the after party. Another celeb working the Louis Vuitton. Zing!
Kerry Washington
Seriously relishing her Django Unchained red carpet opportunities, she is on fire! Love, love, love this Miu Miu. My favourite look of the night.
Lucy Liu
I know this got a lot of flack but I think it is insanely divine!
Marion Cotillard
A vision in orange Dior. Lovely.
Michelle Dockery
This dress is so heavenly I can barely contain myself. That detailing at the top is a seriously wow moment.
Naomi Watts
Standing out from the crowd in burgundy.
Nicole Richie
Very much enjoying the full length sleeve and pretty colour.
Nikki Reed
I was this dress. Want it. Want it. Want it. WANT IT!
That is all.
Sienna Miller
Having been apathetic/hostile towards Sienna Miller for some time I was entirely won over by her in The Girl. And I continue to be by this Erdem. Risk taking but pretty at the same time. I love this look.
Zooey Deschanel
Bit of an oops moment with a similar dress to Jennifer Laurence, but Zooey's version wins out for me.
So there are my thoughts, what about yours? Any favourites?
(Images via Elle UK)

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