Monday, 21 January 2013

On Your Bike

I had more fun on my lunch breaks last week than I have had in a lunch break for a while. I was tearing around Bath trying out bicycles from the lovely John's Bikes.
And I treated myself to one, for my commute to my new job. I am beyond excited.
But now there is one problem.
Because while in my cycling fantasies I would scoot around looking glamourous like the lady above (yes, I said fantasies) I think in reality I need to be a smidge more practical.
Just a smidge, mind, I am not quite ready for lurid jackets and bum pad trousers, although I will be rocking a helmet. But there has to be some middle ground, where I can be comfortable but still look reasonably attractive. And I fear that means trousers.
Of which I own very few. On one of my lunchtime adventures I wore a knee length skirt which rode up to my thighs as I rode and excited a few glances. I am still willing to experiment to see if I can make skirts and dresses work, seeing as they make up 90% of my wardrobe but I think I will definitely have to be prepared to go the way of the pantaloon more often than not. I suppose I can always change once I'm off the bike.

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