Thursday, 31 January 2013

Reiss's Pieces

I seem to go through stages with shops of either loving them or being slightly indifferent. And when I am slightly indifferent it takes a bit of a memory jog to realise that it might have just been a bad season or a season that just wasn't putting out what you wanted to pick up, and that it might be time to give them a second chance.

Take Reiss for instance, I have definitely put it into the category of dresses for weddings where undoubtedly someone else at the wedding will be wearing it or own it or know someone who owns it, and another category of slightly saucy office attire that is decidedly inapproriate for work outside London (or probably New York).

So I was pleasantly surprised on a recent visit in to find so many treats. The shoes above could almost be Celine.

And there are some glorious colours, with more treats in their look book to come.

Resiss are definitely back on my short list shops for the season, which is particularly exciting when I have more or less only been shopping in Comptoir for the last year. And love it as I do it is still nice to mix it on up. So yay!
(Images via Reiss)


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