Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Give it Some Welly

(Via Office)

Gosh, I seem to be angry at the moment. It is purely hormonal, I assure you, I actually find myself in almost permanently good spirits.

But with this bad weather I have spotted a lot of people in wellingtons. And while they might keep your feet dry, they wouldn't be my choice vis-a-vis the slip-threat.

And then I saw the pair above and thought how lovely the colour was.

More than anything, though, when I think of Hunters I recall a terrible waitressing job where we were forced to wear Veuve Cliquot Hunters as the event was sponsored by them and they were so tight on my legs they nearly cut off my circulation. And the general consensus by my delightful superiors was that it was far more important for me to kiss corporate arse than retain my lower limbs.

So I have developed a hatred on the damn things. In any colour.

(Via Asos)

But an ankle wedge Hunter? Well, that could get me thinking a little more kindly of them. Just maybe.

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