Friday, 28 May 2010

Money for Old Rope

Is there something biological happening in me that whenever the sun shines I start to think about a wedge espadrille? I think there must be, because I am not sure I have any control over it. It can't be rational, because I'm not sure I am particularly interested in them aesthetically, but I can't help but want a pair.

I don't think they are that elegant, and they are made out of rope so they are probably too scruffy to keep beyond one summer.

But I watched I am Love recently (it has the fabulous Miss Swinton in it in some amazing clothes) and a chic young slip of an Italian thing was wearing a pair, and it triggered it all off again.

(Images via Jigsaw)

Should I just bite the bullett and see if I like it? I like the red pair but are they are bit too serious, and the red white and blue pair, are they too frivolous?

If I ignore the urge will it just come up bigger and badder and more persuasive next year? If I succumb will in ensure that it is nothing but torrential rain until September? What's a girl to do?

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