Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Packs a Punch

(Image via Deadly Ponies)

For the last year I have been loving my Deadly Ponies bag that I bought from my good friends at Found in Bath. (It is like the one above but a delicious burgundy colour.) However, in Bath I don't tend to lug around lots of stuff. Now that I am considering moving back to London I need to rethink things slightly. Because in London I like to walk. I like to avoid public transport as much as possible and that means Shanks' pony. You know, the plates of meat... Erm, you know, walking.

Old woman that I am I seem to have aches and pains most days so adding the strain of a bag slung over my shoulder while I pound the pavements doesn't exactly appeal. So the solution?

A backpack.

I have been using one for the last couple of weeks and it does mean that I can heft my stuff around in relative comfort. I would like to stress that I take it off when on public transport and endeavour not to make any sudden moves and knock people over with it. Both of which are a major bug bear of mine. But the bag I have been using also travelled with my around South East Asia. IE. it is very functional but not so pretty.

Soo, oops! I guess I'll just have to have something new. The good news is that Lady Fashion is having a serious flirtation with back packs at the mo, so there are stylish treats to be had.

Now I just need to decide whether I want stylish but mostly functional/practical/comfortable or be superficial and go for something that looks beautiful and stylish and will work with my look, particularly a more corporate look that will probably be necessary, and hope that function is also catered to.

Here are some of my options. What do you think, form or function?

3.1 Philip Lim

Alexander McQueen

Christopher Kane



 Jerome Dreyfuss


 Marc by Marc Jacobs

Proenza Schouler

(Images via Found, Net a Porter, Selfridges)

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