Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Toast of the Town

I am not a girl who loves summer. I am definitely cold blooded. Perhaps I hail from the frozen north.

I don't day dream of white sandy beaches. I dream of snow strewn mountains and sleeping under nylon in less than comfortable temperatures.
 When I dress I prefer to wrap up too. I love to layer, which lends itself to a cooler time of year.
So when it comes to summer and shedding those layers I struggle. For one I am not overly keen on showing too much.
I also often feel silly in summer clothes. As though I am one of those optimists walking through town in a maxi dress on a slightly parky, overcast day, pretending that all is fine and you are really quite comfortable, thank you very much.
Don't you agree that summer clothes can seem incredibly frivolous? Great to be 17 and running around in shorts or flimsy dresses, slightly tragic to be doing the same at 34. Or maybe I am just old and grumpy before my time. Don't answer that...
So I think the only solution is to go classic. Not boring, but good fabrics, a bit of tailoring and slightly more substantial than that little scrap of something that they are hawking to the bright young things.
 And for this elegant clothes summer mission?
My go to is definitely going to be Toast. They have some truly lovely pieces. Full of personality and fun but a bit more grown up too.
I dream of being that woman in summer who looks effortless and cool as a cucumber. And I think with this clobber I might just be able to do that. Now we just need the sun to buy into the whole summer thing and we'll be set.
(Images via Toast)

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