Wednesday, 17 October 2012

High and Dry

Now, I know this might be sacrilege to many of you, but I prefer a cold climate to a hot one. I don't mean that I like miserable weather, but a cold crisp day with perfect blue skies when you can wrap up warm and stomp about the countryside is my idea of heaven.

And maybe it is just that in my head I am fantasising about living somewhere cooler, you know, like Sweden, but I am becoming completely obsessed with boots that cater for weathers slightly more extreme than the ones I experience in the south west of England.

But seriously, all I want right now is to buy a pair of boots that is waterproof, warm and with really good grip.

Maybe I'm just getting old. They look really good, though too, don't you think? Particularly the Sorel ones. I love the wedges but they do definitely fall down on the practical side.
 Ecco above
Sorel below
Can I find anyway to justify buying a pair of boots that would be infinitely more suited to a life in Alaska?
I can, you say? Well, that's just marvellous!

 Toasty dry feet for all this winter.
Now I just have to pick which pair I want...

(Images via Ecco, Sorel)

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