Tuesday, 18 September 2012

In Defence of Kristen

(Image via Daily Telegraph)

On one level I would like to defend Kristen Stewart against all the bile that seems to be flung her way at the mo (yes, I know that I am a bit late in talking about this what with Kate "Nipplegate" Middleton being the new scandaaaal). She might have made a mistake but it doesn't make her the devil incarnate and it doesn't make her the most sexually loose woman of the western world. OK?

But on an entirely more important level, how utterly incredible does she look here? Those shoes!!! Yowza! It is such a nonchalant evening look. Super laid back and stylish but those shoes seriously ramp it up a level without making her appear that she has tried too hard. I love it sooooo much. And will instantly go on the rob and try and steal this look from her.

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