Sunday, 20 April 2014

You Ain't Got No Alibi

(Image via Farfetch)

You ugly!

And that is why we love you. For once fashion is embracing the practical and the unconventional in the form of the ugly sandal. It is the shoe trend of the season and I want in. I am entirely in love with the See by Chloe white chunky sandal above, but as a possible one-season-trend I might refrain from spending the big(ger) bucks and look to the high street instead.

I can't even remember the last time that I bought anything from Topshop but that might well change because the are hard at work on the ugly sandal trend.

Prada, Celine et al have been championing the pool slide/Teva style adventure sandal and the fashion elite have been going nuts for them. Who can blame them, quite frankly. The cost of being at the forefront of the fashion biz is surely the constant discomfort of dressing out of season and  sporting perilously high heels. So flat chunky sandals with wide straps must be an absolute delight in comparison.

Another great thing about an ugly trend is that you have to be quite brave to try it, so while the comfort might mark you out as being anti-fashion the ugliness (weirdly in this case) reels you back in to being right on the fashion money. Get in! Being fashionable by wearing just one item? It couldn't be easier.

A probably unnecessary  warning is that those not interested in fashion and particularly those with XY chromosome WILL. NOT. GET. THIS. TREND. It is basically a fashion prophylactic.

But fear not, ladies, if you are the type to dress for the fellas this is no doubt the furthest trend from your thoughts anyway. So as you were.

I wear trainers almost exclusively these days and as the weather is getting warmer I was getting concerned about how to maintain the levels of comfort I have recently become accustomed to. But I can breathe a deep sigh of relief because the ugly sandal is going to keep my feet blissfully happy while doing the same for my fashion sensibilities. I couldn't be more chuffed!

(Images via Topshop)

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