Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Top Notch

Do you ever watch XXX's Next Top Model? Personally I am Ob. Sessed with it. It is the only thing that I watch fairly religiously. (Mostly because it is on Living that gives you about twenty opportunities to watch any programme so I don't have to compromise, you know, having an actual life.)

Well, I have always thought that our homegrown effort was supremely embarrasing. So super low rent in comparison with Tyra's that the only thing really worth tuning in for was the fisticuffs.

Well I think they might have solved the problem because last night's opener was AWESOME! Elle is a delight. And as much as I did enjoy Miss Snowdon, she is, or was, actually a top model. Which immediately helps you take it a bit more seriously.

Then Charley Speed managed to be both beautiful but also interesting and charming. WTF?!

But, sigh! The best thing? Grace Woodward. She is a revelation. So beautiful, stylish, knows what she's talking about and firm without being a bitch. I think I have a crush...!

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大亨内 said...

I knooooow lol I looove ANTM I watch soooooo many editions of the NTM franchise that is so crazy to my friends and family lol but I mean I loooooove the fashion world so having a tv reality series man lol I'm on bord for sure. Yeah BNTM series 6's opening was a killer in comparison to the previous seasons but all in all ANTM stays the best NTM of all, the other look sometimes cheap and bad editing doesn't help.